Saturday, 12 February 2011

I Am Reading, I Mean Researching

A Moment In Time by Sheena McRae 

Another pocket novel down, and it's a shame they're not on Goodreads, because I'd make them count towards my book total!

I bought this one a little while ago, and as the title suggests, I've had it in my handbag (rather than my pocket) and have been dipping into it.  Tonight I finished it.

I searched the internet hoping for a scanned copy however couldn't find one, so a photo from my phone is the best I can do. Must get a scanner!

I wanted to research what sort of stories got published in pocket novels really.  I probably need to buy another so that I've read three. But they do feel Mills and Boon type romance, of the Cherish, Sweet and Tender variety.  In my attempt to get published, I was wondering if a pocket novel would be a quicker or easier way (though by no means actually easy), plus something to add to my writing CV, and just getting a few short stories under my belt might make it easier for my 'novel' to be published... one day.

This story, although I liked it, didn't give the tenderness, the sensual feeling that seems to sizzle off the page like my favourite Mills and Boon author, Liz Fielding achieves. At times I felt I was being told more than shown, I think, because I didn't quite believe it. 

Anyway, I am 'working' even if I'm not writing.  I do feel a bit in limbo with that at the moment, not really finding what to start on next, with the 7th assignment hanging over me.  Tonight, I even opened up the last story I want to complete for my fan fiction series... just to give the characters (my hero and heroine there) a happy ending.  Thought it would be good practise too.  It is romance after all.

If you follow my Twitter and Facebook, you'll know I'm reading Stephen King On Writing, so getting some useful tips there, and inspiration.  So while my RSI is aggravating me, my 7th Assignment haunts me, I am trying to further my writing career.  I am here, in some shape or form doing something, even if it's lessening my magazine pile. 

And just sitting here, reading this back, I've thought of another article - about RSI actually - although have no idea where I would send it.

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