Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Little Ones Concepts

Today, both of my children have come out with howlers. 

Yes, it is true once you have kids you can never visit the toilet in peace, and as I was pulling up my jeans, my youngest, Kieran (nearly 4) said, "Mummy you can have a willy now, now I'm not a baby."

I did reply, "I'm a girl, and girls don't have one."  Trying to stifle my laughter.  And I certainly can't grow one!

So then at tea time, my eldest, Ben (6), keeps talking about marrying his brother.  Not sure where the whole marriage thing is coming from but he keeps saying he wants to marry Kieran. Tonight was not the first time it's been raised.

I tell him (on so many levels) that it is actually illegal.  I mean, they're siblings, they're not even 18 yet, and also, I still believe gay marriage is unacceptable by law in the UK - though sometimes I actually think if two people want to commit to be together - what is the difference what 'sex' they are?  Okay the church don't have to do it, but a registry office (?) - I digress, and obviously didn't go down that conversation with my son. 

Anyway, in the best way that I can to a six-year old I explain that marriage is for those who love each other ... and want to spend the rest of their lives together (usually), etc. etc. etc.

"But I love Kieran," he replies.

Bless. I'll remind him of that the next time he tells me Kieran is annoying him.

I can imagine some of the fights as they get older, I'll be splitting up fisty-cuffs and punch ups.  Hmmm ...  Maybe when he's fifteen and telling me he hates his younger brother (through possibly a bloody nose), I'll remind him that aged six he wanted to marry him.

Or when he brings his first girlfriend home ... 

Just thought I'd share.  Life with two boys is interesting.

Now if only I could turn this into some fun article... where would I send it?


  1. Kids come up with some real gems! I wish I had taken my ex-mother-in-law's advice and written down all the funny/cute things my boys said. I didn't because I hated her, how silly is that?

    They are grown up now and I can't remember...

  2. I'm trying to note as much as possible, usually with this blog. I'll forget otherwise. But not always catching it all.


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