Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Now I Feel Like I'm In The 21st Century

Last night, to my great surprise, my hubby had bought me a Kindle (along with Hotel Chocolat Chocolates and a novel by Harriet Evans, The Love of Her Life).  Now, usually, we don't do extravagant presents on one another, even at Christmas and birthdays we don't go mad.

He had thought about getting it for me for Christmas, but apparently I was all, "do I really need a Kindle?"

Then, I purchased my first ebook Liar's Waltz written by my friend, Becky Black, her first published novel only available currently in ebook, and had to sit at my PC to read it.  All very well, but as I suffer with RSI, and my back can play up (if I've sat here too long - it's just not comfortable) I didn't feel very relaxed (which is what you do to read) reading at my PC.

Last night I had to have a little play and purchased Storm's Heart by Rachel Lyndhurst.  Her début novel, and the launch of Embrace Books yesterday!  

I've now put The Wedding Favour on there, so I can read it like a book, before I get down to the nitty gritty of editing.  So hopefully, my Kindle will also be a useful tool with my writing - and keep me away from my PC at times.  Which I need, even though I so want to be a published writer, I know that I will have to manage my time at the PC.  But being my own boss, I can do that.  It's a lot different to the years I worked in an office when I had to be sat at my desk.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good book!  I won't be ditching the paper variety.  However, I'm having to read a lot more lately, taking this writing lark seriously, and there are some books that I'm likely to read then charity shop/pass on.  (Especially my guilty pleasure of a Mills and Boon).  So an ebook means cheaper to buy and easier to store.

So now all I need is one of those smart phones, (I'm thinking a HTC Desire if I can get that free with renewing my phone contract) and I will well and truly feel gadgetry adequate.

Gosh, and to think Sunday I was talking to an oldish couple (I wouldn't class them as elderly) who'd just bought their very first microwave.