Saturday, 14 January 2012

Do I Stay Or Do I Go?

Over 20,000 pageviews peoples! Whooo hooo! Thank you, thank you, thank you. And this will be my 254th post since I started blogging. And this is not why I was going to blog tonight, but just had to share.

Actually, I'm going to share a dilemma, as I don't think I've done it on my blog yet. We have discussed on Twitter, and even a bit on Facebook.

Sometime before Christmas, my good writing pal Becky Black spotted another Teresa Morgan, self-published on Amazon. 

This is NOT me! I repeat NOT me!

My dilemma is, after securing my blog name and a website url ( - which is still a WIP and why I haven't advertised it too much - do I stick with calling myself Teresa Morgan? It's my real name!

My maiden name is Frewing, and this is on Facebook in brackets, because I've put it in my profile people can search for me under Frewing. (I am now thinking of a way to get this in my blog too, to work in search engines - how do search engines work again?). Unfortunately it won't fit on Twitter in my username - gutted!

I don't have a middle name. I used to think that was really cool as no one could take the mick out of me at school for having some dodgy middle name like... actually I won't say - I could offend. So, do I start putting the word about using a pseudonym? I was always going to use one (not sure what yet) if I got into selling erotica or something like that (not that I've written anything for that genre lol!). But my contemporary romance that I am writing I would have liked under *my* name. 

Do I make up a middle initial? It could be a mystery what it stands for... I'm imagining the media now... or do I just use an F for my maiden name?

Teresa F Morgan

Or do I go with Teresa Frewing. No bugger will have it, if they do, then I know they've nicked it from me. Trust me, there is only one Teresa Frewing!

Since being married, and finding I don't have to spell out Morgan everytime I tell someone it, like I did Frewing regularly, I was quite happy to leave my maiden name off. Besides, Becky Black had convinced me Teresa Morgan had a really good romantic novelist ring to it. My best present ever from another friend, funnily enough called Becky, also proved how good it would look on a book cover. (This is a notebook and I love it!)

However, now, with someone using my name (I'm not sure if it's her real name or not) I wonder whether to start creating a new name, a new profile. Or do I stick it out and if I'm lucky and get accepted by a publisher, see what they say?

The annoying thing is this blog and my website are "Teresa Morgan." If you Google/search Teresa Morgan, you'll find me first! (I am rather proud of that). My 'twin' is on twitter but hasn't tweeted anywhere as much as me. Opps - not sure if that's something to be proud of, she's probably writing while I'm bloody tweeting! 

So, is there room for two Teresa Morgan's in the romance market? Or should I start marketing myself (in the hope of selling a book) as someone else?

I'm depressed... I need something to cheer me up! Oh, look - Adam Levine. (I have Maroon 5 now in my car - it's great for inspiration - I love his voice).