Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Glad To Be Back Writing

Last night I started working on Perfect Isn't An Option - my second novel. I've read through what I've written so far and liked it! (Can I really be that clever? Well, I think it's clever :D)

My next Writers' Bureau assignment is either to send off the first chapter of a novel or a short story, so I thought I would send off a first chapter of this novel and get a professional opinion for it. (It's about time I sent off another assignment, too!) This is the novel I do want to send to the RNA New Writers' Scheme too.

I am rather excited about this novel. I really like the concept for it, and just hope everyone else does too. It's sort of Clark Kent meets Notting Hill. It's about a developing relationship of a sister and brother as well as finding love. But the hero has to hide his true identity to do it (hence the Clark Kent). I don't know, I've just got a good feeling about this story - I just hope I can pull it off and do it justice.

Tomorrow night I'm also dead excited about, as I will be going to my very first RNA Chapter meeting, which is organised by Rachel Brimble. I met Rachel last year at the conference (we were on the same dorm), and can't wait to catch up with her and fellow RNA members. 

So next steps? Once this chapter is sent off to my WB tutor (which is hopefully tonight), I will start trying to write 1000-1200 words a day towards finishing this manuscript. Can I do it by the end of April?

I just thought I'd share that it feels great to be writing again. I know how some writers love the editing stage, I much prefer the writing part. I find it much easier to make time to write and bash a thousand words out. But don't panic, I haven't forgotten about The Wedding Favour. I will load that on to my Kindle and start reading through after this weekend and look to submitting very soon. I need to give it a bit of a break so that I've got fresh eyes looking over it. It's too easy to skim when you're so fed up with the damn text!

Steve - doing a photo shoot for a magazine
It's really hard not to feel positive while the sun is out. Are you enjoying the weather or stuck in writing? This is the downside to being a writer...