Sunday, 18 March 2012

Book Review: Ex-Girlfriends United by Matt Dunn

Ex Girlfriends UnitedEx Girlfriends United by Matt Dunn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Being a romance writer who likes to get inside the head of her heroes, I decided to read a 'Matt Dunn' for the perspective of the male voice.

This was an incredibly funny, light-hearted, entertaining read. It's in first person, and you're in Ed's head. It's got great pace and there are so many laugh out loud moments.

This is book two, and I really wish I'd read The Ex-boyfriends Handbook first but you don't need to read that to follow this story. You get the idea.

I actually thought this book would be much more about Dan, Ed's womanising, bed-hopping best friend, as it starts out with him having the problems, but really it turns out to be more about Ed and Sam, and Jane, Ed's ex.

I will definitely be reading more. It's not really chick-lit (although I have a hard time knowing what really is chick-lit) in the sense it's more about romance than anything, and I don't want to categorise it as Lad-lit because this book really is written for women to read, though I think men would enjoy this book too, (they would find it hilarious) as long as romance is their thing.

Definitely an enjoyable read.

(I would have read this quicker but with reading Harry Potter with my son, I'm having to split my reading time).

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I'm a bit behind on my reading, with regards to the challenge, but it doesn't help I'm reading Harry Potter to my son, too - although I am enjoying rereading the books! Might need to read some short Mills and Boon types to catch up.

As a writer, I have to read as much as I write. And to kill two birds with one stone, some books are read for research as well as pleasure. What are you reading at the moment? Is there a reason for reading this book, or was it the next one to grab off the top of the to-read pile?


  1. I've read a few of his now and I always really enjoy them!

  2. I will certainly be looking out for more. :D

  3. This sounds like fun, and the sort of thing I might need after finishing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo :-)

    1. It is fun! You must read. Is The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo a bit heavy? I'm not sure whether to read that or not.


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