Thursday, 29 August 2013

Publication Day!

Whooo! Hoooo! It's publication day for Plus One is a Lucky Number, plus three other fellow Harper Impulse authors;
Nic Tatano - Wing Girl,
Jane Linfoot - How To Win A Guy In 10 Dates
and Aimee Duffy - What's A Girl To Do?

Should I be sipping Champagne at this time of the morning? Getting my nails done? Pedicure? Haircut? Anything glamorous at all...?

I am over on Liz Fielding's blog. She's a fellow RNA Bath and Wiltshire chapter member and I'm also a huge fan of her books. So that's kinda glamorous!

Otherwise it's a lazy day in the house (so that I can stay close to my PC and keep up with the messages) with the boys playing playstation and me catching up on the housework.

Oh, the reality of a writer...

And now I'm worrying about book two. I've heard about writers fearing whether book two will hold up to expectations etc. Kids go back to school next Tuesday, and I have promised myself I will knuckle down.

Plus One Is A Lucky Number is now available to buy, peeps!

Don't forget to tell me who you're Plus One is at my Publication Day Virtual Party. I'm of course bringing Henry Cavill.