Tuesday, 11 October 2011

It's My Party ... (2)

And I'll Post What I Want To! 

Day 2 of my birthday week, and retail therapy is in store. I'll just do this blog post first, because I'm excited about my next birthday guest.

Look who has turned up for my party! Daniel Craig!

No, we don't mind if you swan around in just your trunks!

Alex, in Tombraider, just come out of the shower *sigh*
I first saw Daniel in The Tombraider alongside Angie, and have always been a big fan. He is even my favourite James Bond. 

Blond hair, blue eyes... and one fit body! There is something about our lovely Daniel Craig. I wouldn't say he's "drop dead gorgeous" in the looks department, there is something a little rugged and rough about him. But I certainly would not say no! He's an inspiration for a character I have, though I'm not sure when I'll get to write that particular book.

So, come on in, Daniel! Grab yourself a glass of bubbly and mingle with the girls.

Don't forget to see who arrived yesterday for the party.

And come back to see who turns up tomorrow! I'm so excited! Are you?

If you'd like to bring a guest to the party - that's happening all week long! - then remember to blog about them and let me know!


  1. That first picture is one of my screensavers :-) I even skipped the cupcakes to get to it :-)

  2. I think his eyes are freaky. Good body though. Perhaps I could take his body and stick a different head on... *blushes* er, I'll get my coat!

  3. He looks amazing. *swoons*

    I know it's become a cliche, but could I bring Johnny Depp along? I just can't think of anyone I'd rather go to a party with..or anywhere for that matter!

    Ange xx

  4. Sarah, great screensaver choice!

    Annalisa,just shows we all have different taste, but I just think Daniel has a nice personality. He's not afraid to make fun of himself, if you saw the comic relief sketch with Catherine Tate :D

    Ange, I'm thinking of inviting Johnny already. You'll just have to come every day to see when he shows up :-P

  5. Meh, Daniel Craig does nothing for me, I'm afraid. Even if he is blonde!

  6. Ah, well, Becky, can't please you all. Leaves enough Daniel to go around the rest of us then.


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