Thursday, 13 October 2011

It's My Party ... (4)

And I'll Post What I Want To!

To continue my birthday celebrations, this morning I met a very good friend for coffee and cake at our local Sainsbury's cafe. We both chose the iced Chelsea bun because we have exceedingly good taste.

My truly wonderful friend gave me some lovely gifts (Tana Ramsay cook book, note pads and chocolates).  I have been thoroughly spoilt. I asked for some money so that it could go towards some make-up I wanted to buy, but I still got lots of presents too.

CDs (Complete Kylie collection - not the 80s stuff though ;-)), DVDs (Downtown Abbey series 1, and Sense And Sensibility - which I will save until I've read the book!), a new pen, notebook, perfume, lots and lots of my favourite chocolates, small bottle of Tia Maria, a new waterproof jacket for the 'school run' and a couple of books (Katie Fforde and Matt Dunn). My bestest present was from my dad. He treated me to a digital radio which I've found a home for in my kitchen. I can now listen to the radio while I bake, cook, prepare dinner, lunch and everything, it will be constantly switched on!

So, who's coming to my party today?

Hugh Jackman has called in! I think he had so much fun at the party I organised for Sally Quilford, he just had to turn up for mine!

OMG! And is that Brendan Cole? Have always wanted to be taught to dance by him! Something extremely attractive about a man who can dance, don't you think, ladies?

Oh, and last but not least... sneaking in behind...

Johnny Depp!

Okay, you three, help yourself to bubbly, and come and join in the party!

Yesterday's guest is still here!


  1. It was Brendan Cole that did it for me. I'm on my way round!

  2. Rosalind, he's the only reason I'd watch Strictly... I just haven't found the time to watch it this season and I know I must! I love it when he gets all bad boy too. Reason why I miss Arlene, because I think she enjoyed telling Brendan off. He's got a lovely New Zealand accent too! *sigh*

  3. Hugh Jackman, swoon. And I've loved Johnny Depp for far too long now, and he seems to just get better with age!

  4. No, you're quite safe ladies, fight amongst yourselves. You share Brendan. I'm quite happy with Hugh in front of me and Johnny sneaking up behind!!

  5. Annalisa, I do believe men get better with age (if they look after themselves obviously). Look at Take That! :-P

    Alison! LOL! Please remember to mingle with them all.

  6. Be still my beating heart. You realise Teresa that I will just have to stay here now ;-)

    *sneaks in between Hugh and Johnny*

  7. Oh my, Hugh and Johnny. I don't have to choose do I?

  8. lol! Doris! And no, Sarah, don't choose, take both... just be careful, Doris is somewhere in between ;-P


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