Friday, 7 October 2011

Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes

You know you're getting old when a film you went to see at the cinema is being remade, right? (Or a song for that matter! Always remember my mum and dad saying how they preferred the original. Gosh, now I empathise!).

I always remember the grumble about Ocean's Eleven - and I always liked the new Brad Pitt and George Clooney version, but then I never saw the old one. But the old one was black and white.

I don't feel the need for a remake of Footloose! How will the 'Police' joke even work? Can't it be digitally remastered like Star Wars, and then put back on the screen? Please...

Apparently, the new Footloose will be released in Cinemas from Friday 14th October. Some would argue the original wasn't that great, but it was a teenage flick really and I adored it. I remember going with my dad and my brother - I would have been 12 years old - and then having playing the soundtrack over and over (cassette back then, though now I own it on CD, plus the film on DVD).

It wasn't that long ago I was playing the soundtrack in my car, because I LOVE it so mush still.  

This blog post is dedicated to the original Footloose. 

You can not beat Kenny Loggins, Bonnie Tyler, or Kevin Bacon. And you may not realise it is a very young Sarah Jessica Parker (Rusty) playing along side Chris Penn (Willard). Lori Singer is the other leading lady, who falls for Ren (Kevin Bacon), who was known from her appearances in Fame.

My love for Kevin Bacon comes from this film. He has proven he is a brilliant actor (sometimes playing seriously creepy bad guys) and if you've seen the episode of Will and Grace that he features in, he's quite happy to make fun of himself (and his Footloose connection).  I've even put the trailer in for you to watch again - plus the other video is the end scene of the film and Kenny Loggin's Footloose track.

If you're an original Footloose fan, enjoy!


  1. I loved this film so much. I can't understand why they're just making a copy of it instead of introducing the original to a whole new generation.

  2. Love the film, but love the song more. It's on my iPod for that extra boost at the gym, and is one of only two songs that I can't NOT dance to. (The other is 'I Love to Boogie' by Marc Bolan, if you're wondering.)

    I also can't understand why they would remake it, but as Sarah's just mentioned a new generation of viewers, the only reason can be that they'd laugh at the clothes and hair of the original.

  3. Yes, my dad has said it's to introduce the 'next generation' etc. That's why they do these things. And true... they might not 'get' the 80s look lol!

    But they haven't remade Star Wars! lol!

    I'm glad I am not alone about this though, and I want to thank you both, as you always leave comments on my blog, and it's very much appreciated.

    Annalisa, I ALWAYS dance to this song when it comes on. (I will dance to any good tune, mind) but this one, I'd have to have two broken legs not to! And I still think I'd be fidgeting :D

    I might watch the new one when it comes out on DVD... so I can grumble about it like an old wittering woman :D

  4. Oh yes, it'll definitely be worth a muttering when it comes out!


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