Friday, 14 October 2011

It's My Party ... (5)

And I'll Post What I Want To!

Today hasn't really gone as planned and this blog post is extremely late. I've found myself searching this and that, typing up an email to Comodo and just generally wasting time over my PC. You know how it happens? But since the hiccup on my actual birthday, I've been a bit worried about how secure my PC is using the free Anti-virus software Comodo. But I do think the IT guy was just trying to scare me into buying 'his' preferred anti-virus software, those that have to sell it obviously don't like those that give it away for free.

Comodo emailed me back very promptly and were not happy bunnies. They care for all their users. And that was in bold! Anyway, going to stick with it for the moment, and I'm getting onto Microsoft because for some strange reason my updates won't update. And the techie guy who I paid a great deal of money to on Wednesday didn't sort that issue. Oh, he led me to believe he had...

Oh but enough about IT. Look who it is to cheer me up!

Dirk Benedict.

Looking smoking hot in his younger days as Face! *sigh* Gosh, I've had a crush on this man since I was about 9 years old, Face and Starbuck being particular favourite characters of mine.

Dirk looks great smart or casual, clean or dirty, as a cowboy, in a tuxedo, or rough and ready, beating up the bad guys. You will see him in all sorts of wardrobe-attire if you watch the A-Team! My goodness, he looked fantastic even in a wetsuit! 

I am assuming Becky Black will appreciate this blog post, she's a fan too.
Last year, I went to see Dirk playing Columbo at The Plymouth Theatre, dragging my dad along with me (luckily he's a bit of a A-Team and Columbo fan, too). Dirk looked fantastic then, aged 65! (Probably not cool to admit I fancy a man the same age as my dad, is it?).

Well, I think this blog post has got filled up with Dirk. I'll just have to do another post tomorrow - it is my birthday WEEK! - as I'm sure there are more guests to arrive.

If you missed who arrived yesterday, then check it out here.


  1. Oooh yes - definitely Face, but I also, even at the age of about 12/13, had a huge crush on Hannibal. I've not seen the film, but I love Liam Neeson too... in fact I'm starting to wonder if there's anyone I DON'T fancy :-O

    Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed your birthday week, despite your techie problems!

  2. I knew you'd approve, Becky.

    Annalisa, you have to watch the movie! We're hardened A-Team fans, but Becky and I both really enjoyed the film.

    It puts a nice new spin on it all. And it's hilarious. Seriously, great entertaining film. And it has Bradley Cooper looking shockingly handsome. Liam does a gritty, darker Hannibal. Really good.

    Oh and lol! at the 'anyone you don't fancy'. I'm EXACTLY the same :-P I could go on with this party for weeks...


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