Saturday, 15 October 2011

It's My Party ... (6)

And I'll Post What I Want To! 

Off out with some girls from work tonight. Only to the local pub, but hoping we'll have a bit of a giggle. I don't really get out much (so must remember to behave!).

But before I do, lets see who else has joined my party ...

Josh Holloway! Oh, gosh, maybe I won't be going out tonight.

 Okay, and I've gone a bit wobbly... Orlando Bloom has just showed up!

And, look, Robbie Williams has turned up to sing me happy birthday and help blow out my candles. Oh, and he's brought the rest of Take That with him, too... so much prefer them now they've grown into men.

I am torn now! Pub with girlie mates, or Josh Holloway, with Take That singing in the background... while Brendan Cole teaches all to dance (Thursday's post).

Oh, they're all promising to be here when I get back, so shouldn't let my mates down, right?


  1. Enjoy your evening out, I'll look after your guests while you're gone - all of them :-)

  2. Strangely, I was expecting you to stop at 5, don't know why - but it means today's been a bonus.

    Never fear, Sarah, I'll help you out - you'll never be able to manage all those vol-au-vent trays by yourself :-)

  3. Thanks, Sarah!

    Annalisa, there are seven days in the week... And besides I was having too much fun to stop Friday.


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