Wednesday, 12 October 2011

It's My Party ... (3)

And I'll Post What I Want To! 

Today is the day! Happy birthday to me. It's the 20th anniversary of my 18th birthday.

For some time, (I'm not sure how many years) I kept the little black dress that I wore to my 18th birthday party, hoping that I would still be able to get into it. A challenge to keep the weight off, sort of thing.

Yes, you can safely say I burned that little black dress, because there is no way in hell I'd get into it today.

Mutton dressed as lamb, anyone?

However, I have a very special guest today. He's my favourite! Bradley Cooper. *sigh*

I have tried to watch just about every recent film he's starred in... except for that scary looking one with Rene Zelleweger, and my favourite character so far is Face from The A-Team movie (but I'm a very big A-Team show fan!). 

He's probably most famous for starring in 'The Hangover', which is a hilarious film if you haven't seen it yet. I have 'The Hangover 2' on my 'to-watch' list.

I loved him as Steve in 'All About Steve', too, with Sandra Bullock. So much so, it's the inspiration for my second novel (Perfect Isn't An Option) that I'm in the middle of writing.

He's not quite blond, but he has wonderful eyes, and looks pretty good shirt on or off. Happy birthday to me!

Here's yesterday's guest if you missed him. He's still around. It's my birthday week after all.

So Bradley, join Richard and Daniel, and come chat to the girls. Plenty of bubbly on tap! And of course cake.

Cheers, everyone!


  1. Beautiful man and beautiful cake, Teresa, I love your birthday :-)

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday.

    Mmm, Bradley! Yumm. Beefcake is better than chocolate cake. :D

  3. Bradley is just gorgeous! And funny... He comes across as a nice personality.

    Lol! Becky... but I might have to agree :D

  4. Sorry Teresa, I missed your actual birthday by being ill in bed so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    Can't believe I almost missed the absolutely stunning Bradley Cooper. I watched him in interview on Graham Norton last year sometime...phew! Gorgeous. The best so far...

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday Teresa :-)

  6. Thank you, Doris. Can't believe my computer died on me. Oh, it felt like a limb removed. I really didn't know what to do with myself.

    I hate it that these IT peeps have us over a barrel too. One of my sons is going to become an IT specialist/whiz... so I never have to worry again. Got some years to wait though. *sigh*


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