Thursday, 20 June 2013

Holiday Antics - Everybody Go Surfin'

Day 6: Thursday 30th May - Surfs up!

The way the tide was working, it was coming in during the morning. High tide being around 10-11am. Perfect for getting the surfing out of the way and not having to walk miles up the beach. That tide does go out a long way!

Kieran decided he wanted to stay at the caravan with Nanny Sylvie - the last time he'd surfed he'd had a couple of near-drowning wave-tumbling experiences which may have knocked his confidence (so Dad thought).

Therefore, Dad, Ben and I, like proper surfers, donned wetsuits, and carried our surf boards (boogie boards) to the beach. All we had in belongings were our flip-flops which we left by a wind-breaker of a family already set up on the beach for the day. When we returned - an hour later - it was hunt the wind-breaker as more had arrived on the beach.

Again, it was too cold to stay sitting on the beach and the boys wanted to have a go on the trampolines. I have some excellent videos of them somersaulting... one day I'll learn how to upload them!

Later we came back to the beach to do rock pooling. At 4pm, the tide was well and truly out and there are lots of rock pools to search through. As you can see by the pictures the sun was always out... however, it doesn't capture the chilly wind.

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