Monday, 17 June 2013

Holiday Antics - Riding Along...

Day 5: Wednesday 29th June - The Camel Trail

This year I purchased a bike rack so that we could take the bikes on holiday, and they proved invaluable. The boys loved the freedom of cycling around the caravan/campsite, and it kept them out of our hair at times, too.

We always do the Camel Trail and knowing it was half-term and would be busy, having our own bikes saved us money, and allowed us to choose the day we'd like to cycle without worrying about booking bikes.

Dad, the boys and I cycled from Wadebridge to Padstow. Wednesday was supposed to be the 'roughest' day for the rest of the week. We still saw the sunshine but it was cloudier and very windy. The nice thing about Padstow is that it can be quite sheltered in the harbour.

We arrived just in time for lunch, so bought some pasties and found a bench over looking the sea and harbour to eat. We then let the boys play in the park before taking a trip up to a house I've forgotten the name of now, where we had a drink. (It's Prideaux Place - I googled! - I will say, we didn't go in the house itself, just sat outside, in the tearoom, and enjoyed the views - there were deer in the field opposite.)

The cycle trip is over 5 miles Wadebridge to Padstow.  So the boys cycled over ten miles that day. Well done, boys!


  1. That's a good long ride for the boys! Bet they slept well that night. :D

    1. I wished! Ben was still up crack of dawn the next morning. lol! Kieran was zonked though.

  2. I love Cornwall and the Camel Trail! One time we cycled it my husband thought a wasp was buzzing round him, swerved and knocked our (then) 9 year old son into a ditch of stinging nettles! Took away a little bit of the fun, but now it makes us laugh!

    1. Oh, I can see how that happens. Not funny at the time, but when you look back you see the silliness in it all. lol! This is my 9th year of going to Polzeath now. I do love it. Hope to go back again next year, too.


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