Monday, 30 March 2015

This Is What A Romance Author Looks Like

Book pose shot.
Finally, I've got around to sharing my professional photos taken by the lovely Kerry J Photography.

I had these done in February half-term. It was a great excuse to catch up with an old friend too :) And the boys enjoyed staying in a hotel. It made it feel like a mini holiday.

I've known Kerry since I was 8 years of age, and she has a fantastic way of putting her 'subject' at ease and getting the perfect shot. As you can see she's used the natural back drop of a park. (The kids enjoyed this bit because they got to play while we had our photo shoot - and it meant they left us in peace.)

Although I am getting better, and slightly more confident, I get quite nervous because I hate having my photo taken - unless drunk, then I don't care! (And I can blame the alcohol if they look hideous.)
Fun one! Twitter alert! 

I'm very lucky to know a professional photographer, so I was probably more relaxed too than if I hadn't known the them. Kerry and I were able to have a good gossip while searching the park for the perfect location.

I remembered from the last time Kerry took my photos to wear something with texture. This time, I chose my favourite purple jumper - because as you know, purple is my favourite colour.

I can't post them all on here. But over time I will try to use all the wonderful photos Kerry has taken.

Here are some of my favourites, that I can use for different occasions. I have a couple in black and white, but the colour photos stand out better in magazines and newspapers, I've stuck with the colour ones this time.

This is my serious shot!
I've used a couple of different photos to make my blog header, as you can see too.

All I can say is I recommend having some professional photos taken for your business, especially if you need an online presence.
This one is my favourite. 
Showing my fun side :)

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