Thursday, 20 January 2011

Men ARE From Mars

You know that really annoy habit men have, you know, where they can't see things for toffee?  Like, for example when my hubby is actually cooking something, (sometimes I make him cook the roast on a Sunday, and wished I hadn't for the stress levels it causes!) he'll say he can't find the ingredient he wants in the cupboard, or gets irate that he's got to pull a jug, the cheese grater and something else out to get to the bowl or item that he needs.  (Maybe I'm more patient than I take credit for).  And even then he can't see it.  I've often found things on the shopping list to buy, and looked in the cupboard to find an un-opened jar in there.

I know I'm not alone.  I've asked other wives, they say the same thing!

The other day was a prime example.  My son got a Meccano remote control car for his birthday.  Basically, you build it out of Meccano then play with it.  Now, with all the toys, we put the instructions in a drawer in the study, because we're organised like that.  However, I knew that these instructions would be required, because there are three models to build, so I placed them up on the shelf in the playroom, on one of the top ones so my three-year-old didn't get hold of it.  But it was there, like a book would be on a shelf.

A shortened version of our conversation:

"Where are those instructions?" Hubby asks as I walk through door from work.

"In the playroom."

"I've looked.  They're not there."

"They are.  I'm sure of it.  On one of the shelves.  You've checked the shelf?" (I do doubt myself sometimes).

"Yes." He grumbles.

So, I go upstairs because we could argue till blue in the face, and I knew it was quicker than trying to explain.  And there - low and behold! - they are on the shelf, where I put them.  Not even hidden.  If someone had truly looked for them they would have found them.   I hand them to my husband, and I admit I am just a little bit narky by this stage, saying, "You looked really hard, didn't you?"

So then, that night, my son is asking for a toy and I can see it on the dining room table, and I'm telling him where it is and could he see it?  Right in front of his bloody nose!

And it was like I'd had a light bulb moment, realising that life would be like this, living with three men in the house!  My two sons, at nearly-four and six have the man 'I can't find it' bug even now! 

It's funny how when I write my heroes, they do not suffer from this bug, and I've not read one yet that has the 'I can't find it' bug.  I was thinking about it this morning, how I do have a character, in another story idea, I might have to give this trait to.  The story will revolve around him and his sister, rather than the heroine having a 'point of view'.  (Actually although he's the hero, his sister will be the sort of heroine). And was just imagining the sister getting frustrated with her brother because he'll be making himself at home in her house, and of course, can't find a thing...