Sunday, 9 January 2011

Book Review: Starting Over by Sue Moorcroft

Starting OverStarting Over by Sue Moorcroft

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book gave me 'laugh out loud' moments, and tears.  I really did feel for Tess at times. 

You can't help loving Ratty - he's a rogue, but clever and handsome (of course)- a good 'bad boy' who knows how to get what he wants, and Tess's knight in shining armour.

I think every woman wants a guy like Ratty!

I don't want to say too much about this book and ruin the ending, but when, what I thought was the happy ending got shattered into a thousand pieces, there was another roller coaster ride of emotions to entail and this time through Ratty.

After the first couple of chapters, I didn't want to put this book down.  That's not saying that the first couple of chapters are slow, just when things between Ratty and Tess were getting frustratingly exciting, I'd begrudgingly would have to put it down (otherwise the kids would starve, no housework or writing of my own done), and couldn't wait to pick it up again!

When I wasn't reading this book, I was always thinking about it.  Always a sign of a good book in my opinion.

A wonderful romance, with some great, sexy, emotional twists ::sigh::

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  1. Thanks for a great review, Teresa! Will pass on to my publishers, Choc Lit.

  2. Thanks, Sue. I loved it! The hero, and the conflicted romance was right up my street! Can't wait to read All That Mullarky now, though will read something different first.

    I can't stop thinking about Ratty... can't the book have gone on another 100 pages about how gorgeous and clever he was? - and devious!


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