Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Bite Size Chunks

I've started my first book for the year - Starting Over by Sue Moorcroft.  Probably a good book to start with, considering the New Year and all that!

I've been getting sneaky chapters in where I can, getting myself back into the routine of reading (sort of lost it with Christmas), and the great thing about this book is it's got nice size chapters to do so.

Personally, when writing, I try to stick to around 3,000 words per chapter.  Sometimes the chapter needs more, sometimes it needs less, but if I've got to around 5,000 words, then I'll see if there is a way to split it.  

It comes from my fan fic days, and posting for comments/constructive criticism.  I would sometimes look at others work and think, 'whoa, long chapter, save it for when I've got time' and it wouldn't get looked at until I was ready.  Therefore, considering my readers and their time, I would try to post my own stuff in bite size chunks.  3,000 words has sort of stuck with me.

And I'm the same with my reading.  I find I read books quicker if they've got shorter chapters, because it'll be way past my bed time, and I'll just be left on a cliffhanger and thinking, 'oh, just another one quickly!'  Where as, if I know I have a long chapter ahead of me, I've got to wait for a time when I'll know I'll get to finish it.  Or it will be left in the middle and I don't like doing that unless I have to.  I'm odd like that.  

Who prefers small chapters?  Do you have an average word count per chapter you try to stick to or have you never thought about it?

Am I just weird?

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