Thursday, 13 January 2011

News: Excitable Teenager Tries To Escape

... Thirty-Seven year old body.  

So, there I am today, reading Sue Moorcroft's blog, saying how York is a bit far for me to go, and she replies about the RNA Conference which is Caerleon - just a scoot up the motorway and across the Severn Bridge for me - or there is a Writer's holiday at the same venue.

I certainly couldn't afford to be away from my kids for a whole week, though sorely tempted, and the winter break interested me, but it was in Pembrokeshire.

So I looked into the RNA and when Sue said I didn't need to be a member, I was writing out my cheque!  I kind of took it as an omen: not my weekend to work + the conference this year was close by = must go. 

And now I'm dead excited. Seriously, jumping up and down utterly* excited.  The teenager that lives inside of us all, is trying to break out!  I've got to wait until July but wow, the thought of rubbing shoulders with proper writery types, put some faces to Twitter/Facebook names.  An excuse to be sociable, have conversations with adults, while not screaming at my kids; "stop killing one another," "share the toys," or "no, you can't watch any more TV!"

And talking about the thing I love most (after my family of course) - Writing! Romance too!

It doesn't worry me that I'm going on my own either.  I'm quite a cheerful type of person (believe it or not), who'll talk to just about anyone, especially once I've had a glass of wine.  This is going to be fab.

I do hope there will be wine ...

Although, I am a teeny tiny bit worried Sue might think I'm being rather stalker-ish, having followed her on Facebook and Twitter, and now to Wales.  You're alright, Sue.  To use your own words, "I'm not mad. I'm inhabited." You'll be quite safe.

Now I must try and concentrate, and do some writing!

*Mentioned an utterly there just for my writing friend Helen, who says all chick-lit writers use the word utterly!

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