Saturday, 22 January 2011

Goodbye Billy

When I first joined Twitter, I was a bit apprehensive about mixing my reality world with my virtual world.  I'd been writing in a fandom for four years, and been known as Billy.  Billy had been a name I chose for a forum at the time, and when I got into writing fan fiction for that fandom, the name kind of stuck.  On these forums and things, I still am, and still will be Billy.

So, upon joining Twitter, I took on the username Billy (Shriner comes from a forum that used to exist, emphasising I was Billy from the Shrine) and although my profile said who I was, it gave me that little bit of security.  And I've grown to like the name Billy, in the virtual world it's my nickname so to speak. 

However, now, a lot of people that I follow, and those that follow me, are really (although I haven't met them yet) my reality.  Writing is my reality now, not just my virtual hobby, and one day, in the big hope that I might get published, I want to be able to say to my readers 'follow me'. 

I've also heard of some getting writing opportunities through Twitter.  I just decided I wanted it easier for people to find the real me, and not hide behind a name that means nothing to anyone outside of the fandom it belongs to.  
So on Twitter I've changed my username from @Billy_Shriner to @Teresa_Morgan10  - for now - it looks odd, so I'm still not sure about it!

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