Sunday, 23 January 2011

Book Review: Getting The Point

Getting the Point: A 10-step Guide to English Punctuation for AdultsGetting the Point: A 10-step Guide to English Punctuation for Adults by Jenny Haddon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Really useful book.  For any serious writer who can't always remember the rules of punctuation, this should be on your bookshelf or close to hand at all times. 

I recommend when reading a chapter of this book, to have a pencil and rubber (eraser) to hand.  Some of the chapters have quizzes, which should actually be attempted.  It really does help with your learning.  Especially the subjects you are weaker on.  (Commas were mine!)

Throughout are some useful tips.  It's aimed at all writers really, from novelists to business reports and articles. 

Some I did find easy, and some I did really learn from, and some I knew what to do but this book explained why. 

I tended to read this a chapter a night, to take it all in.  But it's something you won't want to lend out and will want to keep on your bookshelf as a reference. 

The last chapter gives a brief guide to grammar, and also some extra help - the terrible twos, with examples, principle/principal.  I am always using the wrong word! And the last part is manuscript presentation.  Very important for us wannabe-novelists.

Hopefully from now on my punctuation should be spot on, or close (I am only human).

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  1. Ok, I'm convinced ;-) Have ordered myself one.

  2. Thanks for the incisive review Teresa. It sounds just the writing companion I need!
    Thank you for the comment on my blog too! : )

  3. It is definitely worth having on your bookshelf as a clarifier of punctuation, and has helped me understand better.


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