Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Making Time For Magazines

Tonight I'd thought I'd tackle my 7th Assignment. I've read three of the modules, I started reading the last and had to give up half way through.  Eyes are just tired, going in one eye and out the other - see what I did there?

I'd also read some more of my friends children's book draft, and read a chunk of Stephen King On Writing.

My RSI has flared up, especially in my right arm, so yes, I shouldn't really be typing this.

I have three pieces I need to do for this next assignment, I've thought of one, a humorous piece about bottling patience.  Haven't the foggiest where to send it, where it would be suitable and obviously will need to edit to suit a house style. Somewhere interested in rambling mothers ideally. 

My problem is I need to make time for magazines. I am currently on February issue of Writing Magazine, March has already arrived! (I never get this one month ahead thing - someone somewhere started that off didn't they, thinking it would make their magazine stand out as more up to date than the others - we'll be reading June next in December).  I want to catch up with this particular magazine because I subscribe to it, and I have found it very useful for writing advice.

Then, I need to do 'research' and read magazines that I want to submit articles for.  This is where I FAIL! I'm trying to read more mags and less books - my 40 books this year may suffer, but so be it.  Even so, things seem to get in the way - particularly housework!  But reading magazines is a slow process, too.

I'm trying to focus on a few, so I'm not swamped - it's bloody expensive for an unpaid writer.  My favourite is Sainsburys Magazine - get some great recipes for half the price of The Good Food or Good Housekeeping.  And I really should start reading Runner's World, because all my running, I must come up with an article for them - right?  (Hubby subscribed to that one, so doesn't cost me anything).  Another one, my tutor recommended, is The Lady.  Apparently easier to get work accepted there.  So maybe that's what I need to do - focus.

I've got other women's mags: Women's Own, My Weekly, Take A Break, People's Friend... but those were mainly purchased for the fiction side of things.

Who decided there should only be 24 hours in a day?  And why do I need eight hours sleep?