Saturday, 29 October 2011

How To Market Your Writing - The Right Way

Purely for advertising purposes ...
In my attempt to finish my Writing Magazine - October issue (I'm still a month behind!) - I was reading an article which got me thinking, and made me want to blog.  I did have another idea for a blog post, but that can wait for next week, or even tomorrow.

Funnily enough, I didn't get to the end of the article, real life got in the way - the washing up was just nagging to be done! If interested, it's p46-47, Just The Right Cup Of Tea by Rebecca Woodhead.

It's about finding your network niche, and one of the paragraphs, which made me decide to blog said, 'As with all other networks, it is important not to pitch.' Thank you, Rebecca. She continues, 'Rely on what marketer Diane Hochman calls "the nosy gene" to guide people to the blog URL in your profile. In other words, be engaging and make sure your profile has a link to your blog and books. Keep all your sales message to your blog.' 

I don't know about you, but I do follow some on Twitter who really I shouldn't bother with, because all they tweet about is 'Their book available here'. Boring!

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate Twitter (and Facebook and wherever else) is a place to share your excitement if you've got a new book about to be published, etc. Even tell me where you're blogging. I like that. But don't ram your book down my throat. (If I ever do this - once I become a Successful Published Writer - you have permission to slap me!).

Diane Hochman is right. If I like you, find you fun, I go click on the URL and look at your blog, and find out more about your book that way. I'm a writer, I'm naturally nosy. I don't enjoy my wall (on Facebook or Twitter) constantly reminding me of your book and where I can buy it and how much for.

Excuse the dust!
<---- This is the piles of books I have to read already... (some on this shelf are actually my husbands - the Patricia Cornwell's) and there are ones tucked inside the bookshelf standing up I haven't read either. Even targeting myself to read 40 books per year, this pile is still not going down. Plus the book pile I have to read on my Kindle are growing. Seriously, I don't actually have to buy any more books for a year, I've got plenty for next years reading!

The reason I buy more books than I need is usually because the author hasn't actually knocked her book over my head, she's done it by much clever marketing.

n.b. This blog post is not aimed at any of my writing friends, because you don't do this. It is aimed at those 'friends' that won't even read this blog because they've just friended me to plug their book. Harsh, but true.

If you agree, please leave your comments. If you think I am harsh, please comment, too! Does it annoy you, or not?

p.s. I sneaked in picture of Richard Armitage there... he looks better on my Facebook profile than my dusty old bookshelf!

Right, better finish off reading this article now ... and the rest of the magazine.