Friday, 9 March 2012

Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Books?

Not sure if my Kindle is a blessing or a hindrance. I bought another ebook the other day as it was only 72p - Jane Lovering's Please Don't Stop The Music.

The problem is when I see it so cheap... I can't help but click 'buy'. 

I'm a bit of a fan of the Choc Lit authors (and secretly dream - though not much of a secret now - of being one myself. I just fear I'm not quite right) and would like to read as many as possible of them - eventually. So far I've read all of Sue Moorcroft's and one of Christina Courteney's (with another on my shelf to read).

I have quite a collection of books, on my bookshelf and on my Kindle, and wondering if my target of 40 a year should be upped! However, if I read more, I'd write less. And it's all about finding a balance. Well, I assume. Doesn't help I'm reading Harry Potter to my son, but I'm enjoying that too much to give up on (and the books count to my yearly total :D).

The thing is, with Choc Lit novels, I quite like having the physical book because their covers are lush! But until I'm a paid writer, I can't justify buying lots of books - plus I have so many on the bookshelf to read, I really, really must not buy any more.

One messy, cluttered bookshelf.
At least when I buy an ebook it's not taking up any more space (that I don't have) on my bookshelf. This is the plus side to a Kindle. I can treat myself to a book occasionally and it's hidden away electronically.

Currently I am reading Matt Dunn's Ex-Girlfriend United (in paperback not ebook) - which is really funny. I can't stop smiling as I read. I wanted to read a romance written by a bloke. And the story is in male first person. My next book I will be writing will be more about the hero than the heroine, so I wanted to get the 'male voice' in my head and hope reading things like Matt Dunn will help me. See it's all research.

I think the best thing about writing is that it has made me read more. 

What are you reading right now? Do you own a Kindle/eReader? Do you have to stop yourself from buying more books?