Monday, 21 February 2011

Book Review: Storm's Heart by Rachel Lyndhurst

Storm's HeartStorm's Heart by Rachel Lyndhurst

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rachel's début novel is a right storm!  The minute Kizzy and Andreas are on the page together, it gets interesting.

I did enjoy their fiery battles - I do love good conflict in romance; Andreas being an arrogant bastard at times and Kizzy defending herself - quite rightly so.  But Andreas does redeem himself, realising his actions are unacceptable, he just needs to learn that throwing money at Kizzy isn't really what she wants.  And I was glad to see he saw through Kizzy's change in confidence, otherwise it felt a tiny bit unrealistic.

A sizzling read with Andreas' determination to get Kizzy in his bed.

The switching of POVs in the first couple of chapters I found a little jarring, which sorted itself out, and there was a tendency to overuse a 'volcanic' description.  Those things may have stuck out for me because I'm a writer, and read books very differently myself.  That said, not enough to put me off the book.  I didn't really want to put it down - but real life at times demanded it!

Great story if you fancy being swept off your feet to Greece by a gorgeous, Greek billionaire and be taken through an emotional ending.

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