Tuesday, 25 January 2011

I'm All In A Quandary

I feel like I need Dumbledore's Pensieve or something.  I've got so many things going around in my head of what I've got to do; writing, reading, and housework, and other stuff... I'm in a muddle.

Again, I get this niggle that if I'm not writing short stories or articles and getting them out there, there is no chance of me making money.  Bit like the lottery, no point dreaming of how you're going to spend your millions if you haven't bought a ticket! 

However, to write the articles, I need to sit down and research the magazines (though I am sort write the article then make it fit a magazine type person).  For short stories, I don't know if any of you are similar, but I find it very hard to talk to other characters when I've got some at the forefront of my mind.  Currently, Sophie and Adam from The Wedding Favour just keep talking to me! 

I think once I have this finished, which I hope to do by the end of the week, then I can get a short story thought up and started.  I did even think of a setting, and a hero and heroine for possibly a pocket novel idea.  Yet, I can't think of the conflict or the plot to which the characters need to lead.

I'm nearly to the end of The Wedding Favour now .  I've just realised there is something in the middle I wanted to include, so may go back and put that in - it just links in with the title nicely, if I chose to keep this title.  (Not sure yet.)  But it is now a case of getting this ending written.  At first I thought there would be no sex, it was looking that way, but now I'm thinking I can probably put a love scene in.  (It's not something I relish in, I really worry I'll hash it up lol!)  Sex scenes can not be gratuitous, however, if I've strung my readers along to a point of frustration, they might want to 'see' my characters have sex, (or at least move towards the bedroom) otherwise they could close the book fully disappointed.

Anyway, I possibly have two or three, maybe four chapters to go until 'THE END' and then, I can concentrate on my coursework and get a short story written.

Haven't heard anything yet from the stories that I have sent out. Boo! But I think it's early days and I'm just impatient.

Before and After finishing The Wedding Favour - maybe?
(At the moment, I feel like 'before'.  Hopefully it won't be long until I'm 'after')