Monday, 12 December 2011

Advent Calendar: Day 12

Firstly, I have to say happy birthday, Rachel! (She knows who she is). I'm not sure if she's a fan of the next man I'm about to post, but maybe I'll convert her!

I think it's time for another blond. A blond Bond, too. He's actually my favourite!

I'm not really a James Bond fan, which is ridiculous in some ways because I love a good action movie, and don't mind if it's a little bit far fetched. Lethal Weapon and the Die Hard films are right up my street! But watching Pierce Brosnon surf on some sort of door on a tidal wave was just plain stupid. (I can't even recall the name of it, but we watched the film at the cinema one night when we were in New Zealand, January 2003). I get they're trained killers and all that - he's good at a lot of things. But surfing is a skill, and to stand up and ride a wave takes a lot of practise, and is not a necessary skillset for a Secret Agent. Or is it? Maybe I would have believed it more if he'd 'body boarded' in. I've just found Bond films way too corny. Yes, more corny than Lethal Weapon or Die Hard!

When I watched Casino Royale, I was very impressed with the new Bond. I empathised with him, found him much more brooding, emotional and human.

Maybe there were new directors/producers, and realised James Bond could not longer be a cardboard cut out, and he needed some depth. Daniel Craig gave us new depth to Bond.

12th December 

And of course there has to be a shirtless picture! Or my name's not Teresa Morgan!