Friday, 30 December 2011

A Look Back At The Books

I am sneakily pinching this idea of Becky Black. (She posted this on her Livejournal actually). But it's such a good idea to look back at all the books I've read.

I try to read 40 books a year, and this target does help to motivate me to keep reading, otherwise I would quite easily keep writing sometimes. The only thing I am finding is I'm still not making time to read magazines, and I really must! Especially Writing Magazine, because I subscribe to it and another comes through the door before I've finished the month before.

Here they are, in alphabetical order, not in order read.

A Perfect Proposal Katie Fforde
A Touch of Dead (Sookie Stackhouse) Charlaine Harris
All That Mullarkey Sue Moorcroft
Becoming the Tycoon's Bride Patricia Thayer
Cupcakes and Killer Heels (Mills & Boon RIVA) Heidi Rice
Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, #11) Charlaine Harris
Diamonds and Pearls Elaine Everest
Foods to Fight Cancer Richard Beliveau
Getting the Point: A 10-step Guide to English Punctuation for Adults Jenny Haddon
Good at Games Jill Mansell
Her Not So Secret Diary (Riva) Anne Oliver
Lessons in Love (Cambridge Fellows, #1) Charlie Cochrane
Liar's Waltz Becky Black
Love & Freedom Sue Moorcroft
Mistletoe and the Lost Stiletto (Mills & Boon Cherish ) Liz Fielding
On Writing: A Memoir Stephen King
Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen
Run Rabbit Run Barbara Mitchelhill
Sense and Sensibility Jane Austen
Sex, Gossip and Rock & Roll (Mills & Boon RIVA) Nicola Marsh
Starting Over Sue Moorcroft
Storm's Heart Rachel Lyndhurst
Stowaway Becky Black
Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger (Mills & Boon Modern Heat) Heidi Rice
Tempted by Trouble (Mills & Boon RIVA) Liz Fielding
The Bride's Baby Liz Fielding
The Craft of Writing Romance (Writers' Guides) Jean Saunders
The Freelance Writer's Handbook: How to Make Money and Enjoy Your Life Andrew Crofts
The Hating Game Talli Roland
The Love of Her Life Harriet Evans
The Lovely Bones Alice Sebold
The Scarlet Kimono Christina Courtenay
The Secret of Helena's Bay Sally Quilford
The Wedding Date (Mills & Boon Riva) Ally Blake
Want to Know a Secret? Sue Moorcroft
Watching Willow Watts Talli Roland
Wedding Bells for the Village Nurse (Medical Romance HB) Abigail Gordon
Wild Justice (Beaumont Brides) Liz Fielding
Wuthering Heights Emily Brontë

Mainly romance in there - as you can see. Some books on writing, and the odd classics.

I think my favourite book this year is Starting Over by Sue Moorcroft, which was the first book I read, back in January. I just can't stop thinking about Ratty ... Though, my next favourite is closely followed by Tempted By Trouble by Liz Fielding. I do love how Liz makes her pages sizzle and it's only a 'sweet' romance. Just goes to show you don't actually have to have sex on the page to have a sensual, sexy romantic read.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a happy New Year! Keep writing and reading!

(This was my 250th blog post! So what a great way to be my last blog post for 2011). 

my 2011-read shelf:

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  1. I completely adored Tempted By Trouble.

    Congratulations on your 250th post.


  2. And thank you for becoming my 70th follower! :D (one day I might be able to afford to give out prizes lol!)

  3. It makes me smile when I see my two in the list and in distinguished company. :D

  4. Yes, your books are there too, Becky :D But do I have to read Higher Ground again? lol! (Actually I will have to buy it... I want the set :-P)

  5. Well you want to see the finished version, don't you? :D

  6. Some great books here. I think I'm inspired to keep a list of all the books I read next year :-)

  7. I've read a few from your list. I was particularly inspired by Stephen Kings On Writing. I have turned into a bit of a chicklit fan this year so may have to check out some of the ones on your list that I haven't read. Thanks for sharing them.

  8. Sarah, I recommend Goodreads. It's a great way to track your books, and has brilliant widgets, so you can write a review, then paste it into your blog :D

    Rebecca, I enjoyed Stephen King's On Writing too. It's the only book I've read of his, and after reading his description of his accident that nearly cost him his life, I don't think I'll be reading any of his fiction. I'm worried they'll be too scary for me.

    I tend to read a lot of romance and chick lit, as it's the genre I'm trying to write in. (I say trying as I'm not actually sure if I'm any good at it or not. Time will tell if I get published lol!) But I do like to break it up with the odd different thing.

    If you click on my goodreads link, you'll see what I rated them - can gauge a little then if you want to read it ;-) And all reviews are there, or on this blog.


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