Thursday, 22 December 2011

Advent Calendar: Day 22

Yesterday we had a Christmas party for the kids at school. A group of mums (including me) organised it. Approximately 40 kids, and a visit from Santa, plus an excellent disco keeping the kids entertained with party games, but I still came home pooped.

I'm going to post my favourite now as I can't wait until the 24th - and my brain can't think too hard (remember I'm scheduling this, and I'm really tired lol!). He is part of the inspiration for my second novel that I'm in the middle of writing, and hope I'll get back to it very soon in the new year, once The Wedding Favour is out of my hair and in the submission stage.

Bradley Cooper - voted Sexiest Man... and I agree! 

For me he was the perfect choice to play Face in the A-Team movie, and I've been a fan of his ever since! (Some of the pictures below are screen caps from the film).

22nd December 


  1. I can never remember who Bradley Cooper is, but when you say Face from the new A Team, ah then I say mmmm ...

  2. Surely, after reading my blog so frequently, you must know who Bradley Cooper is now? I post him often enough lol! (Obviously I need to post about him some more!)


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