Monday, 5 December 2011

Advent Calendar: Day 5

Well, for the record, I want to confirm that I did think up this idea of the advent calendar posts all by myself. It was posting that angel on my Facebook wall for a friend that triggered it. But I've just noticed over on The Pocketeers they're doing a similar thing, calling it Advent Heroes. I swear I hadn't seen their posts before doing mine. Honest! 

So now I really do have to make it interesting, don't I? Oh bugger!

In my opinion there is nothing more attractive (or romantic) than a man who can dance. Brendan Cole is really the only reason why I watch Strictly Come Dancing. 

And Strictly Come Dancing gets Christmassy, too, so it's relevant. Yes it is!

5th December

I had to post this picture above! OMG! All my Christmasses have come at once! Brendan Cole naked... and what a bum! I'll repeat - WHAT A BUM! There you go, ladies, that's what's moving around the dance floor with grace, beauty and power.


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