Friday, 16 December 2011

Advent Calendar: Day 16

Having spent the evening (last night when you read this post) putting up the Chrimbo decorations, I am feeling rather pooped. Off to bed, but not until I've scheduled this! Tomorrow the tree will be coming in! Whooo hooo. Then we do start feeling Christmassy.

This next guy, you have Becky Black to thank for.

I don't care what people say, I do like the Beckhams. I prefer David, obviously. After letting himself down in the World Cup when his career was just taking off, (we all remember when he got sent off!) he was soon to be forgiven, and has learnt from his mistakes. He knows he's a football icon, a hero and role model to young footballers and therefore acts appropriately in the public eye.

He's also another man who can wear a tattoo well, and has great hair! Lovely body too - in the fact he doesn't look superhuman body building type, but more athletic, like Adam Levine.

He's sexy, and he knows it!

16th December

Is this another blond to the tally?


  1. Thank you! :D You found some great pics. I know Posh is a bit of a misery, but at least her and David seem to prefer to spend time with their kids rather than falling out of taxis pissed at 3am. Makes them okay in my book.

  2. Glad you approve, Doris.

    Becky, it was hard to choose actually. Plus, I was trying to find the more recent ones of him, but considering I'm crap at keeping up with the times and all that, I just picked some nice 'pose' ones. And I like his book signing one because he looks eau natural. :D And you're right. They present themselves well as a family etc. And actually, Posh has a very good sense of humour (if you ever saw their interview with Ali G for Comic Relief).


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