Thursday, 1 December 2011

Advent Calendar: Day 1

I do apologise, because I've only just come up with this idea for posting up until Christmas, turning my blog into an advent calendar. I am likely to use some old pictures, but they are so good, I am sure none of you will complain.

It's my son's birthday Sunday, so trying to bake him a cake, and I'm baking cakes for the school fair which is on Saturday. This week has been manic and I've got little writing done. Tonight is my writing group meeting too. Plus I signed myself up for overtime tomorrow during the day - yes while the kids are at school! Am I mad? I'll be doing 7 hours all in all, including my 3 hours I usually do - a full days work! Valuable writing time being eaten up going to WORK! Boo! But sadly, I need the money...

Anyway, next week, once the stress of this weekend is over, I'll try and get a bit more organised, and find some new fun, Christmassy pictures.  (I still haven't forgotten I need to do a post about my award too - so you may get double bubble one day).

I will start with this one... The angel for the top of tree. (I have just used it on Facebook and this is what gave me the idea, so only fitting he should start off my Advent Calendar).

1st December


  1. Ooh, that was a nice surprise! I'm going to enjoy advent! :-)

  2. Yes, this one is much better than chocolate - it's not so fattening ;-)


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