Tuesday, 13 July 2010

For Someone Who's Had Three Hours Sleep...

I think I've done remarkably well.  (My son had me up till 4am complaining of tummy ache and finally being sick).

I've tried to keep my cool with my sons... that worked some of the time - not something that was likely on only three hours sleep.  I'm pretty crap on eight!   

I'm actually sitting here thinking I don't feel too tired... so maybe I should go and read? 

I think what might have done it was that I sat on my backside for most of the day (and finished my book).  What better excuse than to cuddle a poorly boy?  I did strip the boys' beds down and give the upstairs a quick hoover, but I did cheat and put EVERYTHING in the dishwasher, even the stuff that I usually like to just wash up by hand.  It meant I could tick 'washing up' off my to-do list. 

So, Ben was sick again just before going to bed this evening, but he's now out spark-o.  Just hope he wakes up perky because I want him in school tomorrow.  It's the award ceremony.  Ben has been awarded Class Representative for his class, as well as his best (girl) friend, Maisie.  I think they pick a girl and boy from each class... (we'll find out more tomorrow) and these two have been working/playing together since they started.  They were good friends at preschool too... which is too cute to describe!

We had parent's evening today, and his teacher said Ben was a pleasure to teach (that was her words) and will miss him in her class (that was her words too!).  

I think, having two boys, I'm worried that I'm going to have those naughty boys that are always at the bottom of the class in achievement and always disrupting it (I remember the ones from school).  Admittedly, that comes more when they get older and get put into 'classes' but even so, I'm trying my hardest to make sure they're not naughty boys.  They're both running to school (and preschool) so that's got to be good, right?  I dread the day I have to start dragging them... that won't be so good.  

I don't think Kieran will be the same... I can see him being a tad more mischievous and not so sensible like Ben.  But he's still a clever little chap, too. 

Oh and Ben said today, "It's boring being sick.  I don't get to go to school."  Good boy!

We spoke to the head teacher and told him about Ben being sick but he said to bring him tomorrow whatever.  His teacher said she'll make sure there's a bucket to hand for him.  But he must get his award.  (I don't want him to miss it either!)  If he's a bit peaky afterwards, I can always take him home. 

Right, I've whittled on about my sons... you're probably bored as hell.  I was going to read A Summer Affair by Elin Hilderbrand, which I picked up months ago in Tescos.... but now I'm thinking actually I want to read Sookie.  But I keep looking at my Goodreads read-2010 list and think - does it need more diversity?  Will I learn more by reading different stuff?  However, I am also concious that I want to get to 40 by the end of the year, and if I start reading longer, deeper books or my non-fictions that I have on my shelf to read, I might not make it.  It might slow me down. 

Some might say its cheating... I call it planning ahead and achieving my goal :-P  Once I'm closer to that 40 mark, I'll pick up the 'heavier' books. 

Okay well this entry fits well to the title, 'Ramblings Of A Mad Woman...' 

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