Wednesday, 14 July 2010

My Little Man, Ben

Benjamin James Morgan is my eldest son.  He was born on the 4th December 2004 and I endured a long and exhausting labour, but somehow - two unwanted epidurals and a spinal block later - I did give birth to him naturally (I'll spare you the gory details). 

When he was born I felt he was a blessing, because before him, I'd had an ectopic pregnancy and lost my left fallopian tube.  I seriously thought I wouldn't be able to have children, as I feared for the health of my right one, too.

We chose the name Benjamin because we knew that we wouldn't mind his name being shortened to Ben.  (You have to think of these things when you choose a name.  No point choosing Elizabeth, if you don't like the name Liz or Lizzie.  Because that's what will happen at school, and life, whether you like it or not.  Their friends, and even yourself, will give them nicknames.  And sometimes no point choosing a short name that can't be shortened, because then it tends to be lengthened).

And Ben was a lovely, short, cute name (in my opinion) for a handsome baby.  He was handsome.  I remember a midwife saying so, without realising I was there.  She was cooing over him, talking to another midwife, showing him off, saying, "look at this handsome baby boy."  He wasn't more than two days old.  My heart swelled with pride.  (Where he got his good looks from though... I'm not so sure).

He has grown into a good boy.  Okay - he does have his naughty moments like every other child.  He knows how to push Kieran's and my buttons at times.  But generally he's thoughtful, inquisitive, caring, extremely loving, and actually, very sensible.

Ben's a bit of a stickler for rules and can be quite bossy saying so.  But usually he's loud (and bossy) to overcome his shyness. He hides behind it. And really he has no reason to lack confidence, because he's a bright boy. But this does tend to be his way of making friends, and he is great at making those. 

Today, he made me proud again, (Proud Mummy Moments as we call them) collecting his Class Representative for his Reception Year.  The certificate states, and I quote;

Ben is a cheerful helper, a conscientious worker, and a fantastic friend to his classmates.

He can always be relied upon to make a positive contribution in all of his learning.  Well done, Ben!

I can't believe that his first year at school is nearly over.  I hope he keeps up the good work and continues to enjoy school and life as positively has he's shown so far.  I want him to continue running to school, like he has the last year.  I do worry about the day I'll have to drag him... but maybe it won't come.

Ben's hobbies include football, swimming and Stars in Training.  One of his goals is to swim in the big pool.  I tell him he has to continue practising his swimming.  He's currently level 3.  He's made Trainer of the Week a couple of times at football now, showing that he is improving there too.

I sometimes feel like I'm too hard on him, expect too much.  I really should relax a little, he's doing fantastic.  He is only five. 

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