Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Book Review: From Dead To Worse by Charlaine Harris

 From Dead to Worse (Sookie Stackhouse, #8)From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Like the rest of these books, this really is good escapism.

Sookie is trying her best to be a good Christian. And to be honest I like the internal conflicts she has.  Makes her so much more human and she gives us a good chuckle.

Another witty, fun and well paced book, that always gets me excited when Eric shows up.  I really am falling for this Vamp!

There was a nice bit of Sam in this book too.  He's another favourite of mine.  I can't help thinking he's really the one for Sookie, but he being her boss stops her from entertaining that idea. But I live in hope!

I don't want to say too much.  I hate to give away spoilers.  I can see where others have written their review, I agree this book does have about 3 mini stories going on within it, and maybe they could have been more cleverly interlaced, but then it might have got confusing.  It didn't put me off.  This book is possibly setting up things to come in other future books...  so maybe it had to be done.  I still didn't find this book dull to read.

I can't put these books down, so will have to start reading book 9 now - Dead and Gone.  I don't have the next one... will have to wait for my birthday or something.  How will I cope?

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