Thursday, 22 July 2010

My Kamikaze Kieran

aka Kieran The Destroyer!
Kieran - 3 years 4 months 

Yes, it's true two children can be completely different.  Kieran is the family's joker/clown/comedian.  Far from sensible like our Ben.  I am pretty sure he will be the one as a teenager saying, "Mum, I just did a bungee jump," or "Mum, is it okay if I throw myself out of a plane?" or "Look at that mountain, can I climb it?"  (I think he has his dad's genes for adventure).

Only a few days old...

Kieran George Morgan was born on 24th March 2007.  They say no two labours are the same.  This is exactly true for me.  If labour could be considered pleasurable, then that's what Kieran's was.  After my contractions started in the morning, I arrived at the hospital at 8.30am, Kieran at 10.44am - very quickly still in the waters.  I had only gas and air, and the Tens machine for pain relief.  I felt everything this time, with only my husband and two midwives in the room, it was a much more private experience than I'd had with Ben, which felt like practically the whole hospital saw me!

Bath time!

I've always liked the name Kieran, (and luckily Dave didn't mind it, too) and George was my grandad's name, which was a name I wanted to use.  And we thought the two sounded rather good together.

It's actually difficult to shorten Kieran, so he doesn't tend to have a nickname.  He's described as 'Kamikaze' because he seems to have no fear, more than anything.  Or 'Destroyer' because he likes to pull toys apart.  There are toys that Ben has kept so nice and together, and Kieran has come along and well, destroyed them.

He gained his front teeth before Ben, but considering his lack of fear, took longer to walk.  Ben always had a good full head of hair, and his double crown.  Kieran's is thinner (like his dad's) though is lucky enough to only have a single crown.

Both of my sons are cuddly, but Kieran always tells me he 'lubs' me - unprompted.  He always wants 'cuggles'.  It's rather cute that he can't say his v's unless he concentrates.  He loves his grandads to read to him.

He's actually a little shy, too, when he realises the attention is on him.  Apparently, he's actually quiet at preschool (unlike at home).  He joins in, plays and participates but is a quiet little soul that goes happily from one toy/activity to the next.  If there is water play, he always gets wet.  He spends the majority of his three hours there outside, unless it's too wet.

Kieran at Noah's Ark July 2010

Recently he did a sponsored toddle.  The theme was pirates and the children had to walk the plank.  Kieran, was apparently the star of the toddle, wanting to walk the plank 19-20 times!  He also was the wettest!

He's always singing (usually himself to sleep) the nursery rhymes and songs he's learnt.  Kieran's other favourite songs are Mama Mia! and Dancing Queen and can be heard singing his own rendition.  (I have the Mama Mia! soundtrack in the car - it's the only one with no swearing.  I can hardly play Lily Allen).

Kieran certainly put the boy into boisterous.  Initially he used to kiss babies in pushchairs... now he tends to roar at them like a dinosaur.  But his nature is good and playful.  He's not meaning to be malicious or spiteful.  You can see mischief in his eyes though, and turning three he's become very defiant, learning to push those buttons.  He can be as stubborn as a mule sometimes.

Ben is his best friend.  He pines for Ben during the day, then they tend to bicker once Ben is home (which is frustrating!).  When Kieran turns four he'll get to play football - at the moment he kicks around a ball along the sideline with his dad.  I hate to say it, but he's much more of a natural with the ball than Ben.  If he sees a ball, he wants to kick it.  And like Ben, he's doing Stars In Training.  Soon he'll be old enough to start swimming, which I seriously think he'll take like duck to water because he has no fear.

I always intended to have two children (mother nature allowing), and although it would have been nice to have one of each, I think Ben has benefited by having a brother.  They play so well and I can see them being the best of pals as they get older.  Kieran follows his brother like a little lost lamb, gets himself into mischief, and Ben goes bailing him out and telling him off in his sensible way.

People ask if I'd try for a girl and the answer is no! However much I love my boys... I'm not sure I want three!  Boys are more physically draining, whereas girls I think wear you down mentally (from what I've seen of my friends little girls).  So I'll stick with just the two, thank you!

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  1. You have to make sure to get video of him singing and dancing to Dancing Queen and Mama Mia - for later embarrassment when he brings girls home. :D


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