Saturday, 3 July 2010

We're Winning, Even If England Did Come Home

I thought I'd better give a quick update, regarding my sister, Katie.  Can't leave it as grim as it was, now that we are over the shell-shock, and seeing Katie and how she is dealing with her illness, means that if she can get on with it, and be so brave, so should we.

We visited Katie in hospital last weekend and I'm so proud of her and how she is coping with this illness.  On the outside, except for the bruises, she doesn't look sick.  On the inside, I imagine there is shit loads going on.  Chemo vs. Leukaemia - Let's hope that's 4 - 0 to Chemo!

Katie had shaved her head a couple of days before we'd arrived, as she was finding it upsetting and annoying with clumps of long hair falling out.  She's wearing her Sinead look well, don't you think?

We showed pictures to the boys before we visited her on the Sunday, so that it didn't shock them.  Were the fazed?  Nah!  (Erm, boys, they are Katie's presents, not yours!)

Mum packed a picnic - enough food for the whole hospital - and we sat out in the grounds for the afternoon.  I can't remember the last time I had a proper picnic like that.  It was a wonderful afternoon.

Once all of the food was consumed - well, as much as we could all possibly eat without bursting, (does anyone else's mum feed the five thousand?)  - we headed in (out of the heat), to an equally hot restaurant.  We were allowed to sit in the staff section to watch the football.  (Thank you, staff at The Royal Marsden, Sutton).  Although I'm not sure we should have bothered but hey ho!

Anyway, today, looking at my mobile that's been tucked in my bag while I've been at work.  I've received a text from Katie.  She's home!  Katie is finally home.  I thought she had possibly another week or two to go - so this is a lovely surprise.  I think she's got a bit of time off before she has to start travelling back to the hospital daily for her treatment (more Chemo).

Mum said Katie cried a bit seeing her bedroom.... bless.

Katie, you make me so proud.  You're making it look easy.  Stay strong, focused and positive, and you'll be 'the winner'.

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