Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Advent Calendar: Day 14

Another late night for me then. Gosh, I've been beavering away working on my Choc Lit short story competition, and realised I need another blog post! But I've sent the story, plus another, to my tutor at the Writers Bureau as my assignment - 6th fiction one. Or is it the 5th? I get confused.

Okay - you're in for a real treat. This guy is everyone's favourite. And if he's not, then you're just not normal. (Sorry). He is also a fantastic actor.

Johnny Depp - oppss back to the dark heroes again!

14th December

He was so funny and gorgeous in The Tourist. It got mixed reviews, but I enjoyed this film. Maybe it's better on DVD than in the cinema. Some films are like that.

Gotta get a shirtless one in there...  

He even looks lush as a pirate!


  1. I was so so hoping he'd turn up this month. I should have trusted you :-)

  2. Totally and utterly perfect. Especially as Captain Jack Sparrow. Although, he's had so many gorgeous looks over the years. Aaah...

  3. Ah Johnny Depp! *swoons*

  4. I knew you'd all approve of this one!

    Annalisa, there is just something about Captain Jack Sparrow!!!


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