Thursday, 15 December 2011

Advent Calendar: Day 15

Wouldn't men be perfect if they did things like this?

One of my favourite scenes from Love Actually, with Keira Knightly looking lovely and pretty. Found it while googling for Christmassy inspiration. 

Okay - but he's not the guy for door number 15! Or a pocket... if you have one like I do that you can stuff with your own chocolates.

Today my eldest son was off sick from school. He was a tiny bit upset because he wanted to get 100% attendance record for these first two terms. Bless. But he has something viral, though it looks like Hand Foot and Mouth, I don't think it quite is. He's got the mouth ulcers, but no rash on his hands, face or feet. It just hurts to swallow, so he's had a diet of yogurt and icecream today :D

Hopefully he'll be back in school Friday, but this does mean the youngest might be ill over Christmas with it :-(

With him home, I still managed to get my brandy butter made and frozen. Plus I bought some dinky glass dessert glasses which I'm going to put my Nigella Chestnut Chocolate pots into! We're getting there.

15th December

Honestly, I do tend to prefer blonds... (as she posts another dark handsome hero). Admittedly, for me, it's about the eyes. They all have lovely eyes, notice?

Orlando Bloom still has boyish looks in some of the photos I was googling, but I really do think he's going to age really well (if he looks after himself obviously). 

This one above I think is very seductive! Yes? Nice hands too... I got a thing about hands...

I've liked Orlando ever since Lord Of The Rings, (he was blond then!) and he was on The Graham Norton Show and was terribly down to earth and nice. Actually amazed that he was a big star. I like to believe he's a nice guy.

Shirtless! There were others. But in some I wasn't sure I liked his hair, or he looked too young.

Only 10 more sleeps till Santa fills those stockings...


  1. I first saw Orlando Bloom in The Lord of the Rings and got a real shock when I saw him in Pirates of the Caribbean. In a good way, mind :-)

  2. No, not for me. He looks far too young. I always think of him as being a bit of a wimp.

    No problem though - it gives me an excuse to go back to Day 14.

  3. Woohoo! Orlando! :D I've just been rewatching Lord of the Rings and he's so delicious with that blonde wig on. Still remember that first moment seeing him when he made his entrance in Fellowship. He certainly made an impression!

  4. I agree, Annalisa, he is still a little young looking, but he's still gorgeous :D

    Glad you approve, Becky. You'll like door number 16 - he was your suggestion!

  5. Ah, I've always liked Orlando :-)


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