Sunday, 4 December 2011

Advent Calendar: Day 4

Look at me in my organisation, scheduling this blog! Not that you'd have known, if I hadn't told you.

Today is my son's 7th birthday! I'm going to be very busy as he's got a party in the afternoon, too, so thought it wise to schedule this - plus you always open your calendar first thing in the morning, after breakfast. Well, we do in this household.  

For Day 4, I thought of Robbie Williams, then I thought, let's see if I can find a photo of him and Nicole from their Somethin' Stupid video, as it's Christmassy. Then I thought, why don't I just post the video.

4th December

I loved this song, sung originally by Sinatra and (I think) his daughter, Nancy. (Too lazy to google - sorry). I was so happy when I saw it on Robbie's Swing When You're Winning album, which is actually one of my favourites of his, behind Escapology. (I used to volunteer at the hospital (Sunshine) radio and this album was great to use in my play lists).

Oh, and here's a couple of the pictures I did find first. Romantic and Christmassy. 


  1. I love that song too. Great video, although Nicole Kidman is far too perfect!

  2. Hi Teresa. I'm catching up after a mad week, what a treat to read through your posts and find lots of yummy pictures :-)

    Belated happy birthdays to your son and your sister :-)

    P.S. I know he isn't everyone's cup of tea but I wouldn't say no to a picture of James McAvoy ;-)

  3. Sarah, I'll try to grant your wish... It IS Christmas.

    Annalisa, It is a great video... but I'm a fan of Robbie. And well, Nicole is a good actress ;-)


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