Friday, 2 December 2011

Book Review: Wedding Bells For The Village Nurse by Abigail Gordon

Wedding Bells for the Village Nurse (Medical Romance HB)Wedding Bells for the Village Nurse by Abigail Gordon

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I'm afraid this was the hardest book I've read all year. And it's a shame because it's my first ever medical Mills and Boon read. I picked it up thinking I usually devour Mills and Boons books in two to three days - not with this one!

I loved the setting, it being in Devon, but most of the time this book was very telling and not very showing. I never actually saw the relationship between the two developing, I was just being told about it. Therefore I found myself not caring.

I did finish it though. I know some would have said, put it down, start another book, but I thought it was only 183 pages, and I wanted to read a medical romance!

The general plot was a good idea, I just don't feel it was executed as well as it could have been. And I can't believe two people can go out for an evening meal, then go surfing at night - in the middle of winter!

I've been in Devon's waters. They're bloody cold in August!

Thankfully, I didn't buy this book. It was out of my RNA conference pack. I've given it two stars, because I'm not sure I can be so mean to give one. If you're happy to be told the story, with point of view changes within the same scenes, and there seemed to be an omniscient point of view at times, then this is maybe the book for you.

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  1. Going into the water, at night, in, as you say winter, and had they had a drink with their meal? Pick your death - drowning or hypothermia. :D

  2. They did put wetsuits on... but it didn't clarify winter ones. You'd need boots and gloves too. He did drive her home afterwards, so he wasn't drunk. lol! There was no mention of drinking...

    I know it was to convey her love for the ocean and surfing... but it was taking it just a wee bit too far.

    Pity the author didn't do a better job of showing their 'love' like she'd showed us her affection for surfing lol!

  3. To be fair to the surfing at night thing, locals will surf whatever the weather - the weather is NOT a consideration. They're not stupid though - as Becky points out, the food and drink would be more of a consideration.

  4. Yes, I understand regular surfers would go in when the tide is right. But I was a bit dubious after a romantic meal for two ;-)

  5. If he let her use his surfboard, that's the height of romance lol


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