Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Blog Up To Christmas - Day 1

First Christmas cake (Xmas 2008)
I've been following Mila's Daydreams and although she has taken her photos down (because unfortunately people were using them without her permission) she is still blogging.  She's decided to do a photo - countdown calendar.

I try to include photo's in my blogs, (because that keeps blogs interesting and not a block of text!) however, because I want to be a writer, rather than a photographer, I thought I would still do this, but more by writing. (Though will try to take the odd photo!  Or find something Christmassy to post).

So this is my Christmas Countdown Calendar equivalent.

Day 1:  Today, Nanny provided the boys with their chocolate advent calendars.  Thankfully, I have convinced my mother that she does not have to do the same, because 1) I was running out of where to put them, 2) that would be FOUR calendars to open a day, plus the one we have, which is a reusable one I fill with chocolatey treats and 3) my kids would be eating way too much chocolate!

Anyway, my mother-in-law still does it (even through my grumbling) and I was at least very pleased to see that they were Thortons chocolate advent calendars.  1) because it's better chocolate than some of the crap that is in those other ones, and 2) if the boys don't eat all their tea, (when they will get to open this calendar) - Mummy's going to have it!  I particularly like this second point!

So they'll get to do my one in the morning - as it's quicker.  (I can't add opening calendars into the tight school run schedule - I'm already stressed enough as it is).  And then Nanny's one after tea/dinner for their after tea treat.

My son's birthday is the 4th December - this weekend will be busy.  But next week my aim is to marzipan my Christmas cake!  Oh, the photos I can share with you there!

The photo provided was my first ever Christmas cake... however it was one of those boxes, where you just add the eggs.  I marzepanned and iced it though!  And decorated it!  This year I've properly made one from Nigella's Christmas. And I want to use royal icing!

I was looking through this recipe book today... looking for all the nice things I'd like to make.

So day 1 - calendars started.  Only 24 sleeps till Christmas!