Thursday, 16 December 2010

Day 16 - Iced The Cake!

Okay - the moment we've all been waiting for!  Yes, today, I iced my Christmas cake.

The End Product

I haven't really stopped today, and the cake took longer than anticipated, so I didn't get to wrap any presents.  The icing was a bit runny when I put it onto the cake (newbie error, I'll know for next time!).  I should have added more icing sugar.  Anyway, what felt like an hour (probably was an hour) I was forking it, or using my palette knife, or even the back of a teaspoon to accomplish the masterpiece you now see before you.

It started out like this...
I had some royal icing left over, so I made some more cupcakes (Nigella Christmas style) and iced them, decorating them with silver balls or mini smarties.  I have managed, with the help of my dad, to get some decorations up today, too.  I've been so busy.  Hubby is out on a works do, so I've just had to get on with it, taking Ben swimming.  Dad looked after Kieran for me (and pumped up some more balloons for the Christmas decorations).  He's even offered to take them out next week on the bus (they love a bus ride - cheap to entertain my two!) so that I can get some more 'work' done.  Or at least get another run in before the Christmas festivities commence.

Last day at school tomorrow.  Bring on the snow!  I've got nowhere to go in the car.  I don't mind the snow if all I need do is walk somewhere and leave the car behind.  Actually it's rather nice.  Apparently we're going to get some this time - I'll believe it when it happens though.


  1. Wow, it looks great. Very appropriate for the weather right now. That's what it's looked like outside for a few weeks here now! :D

    Very stylish.

  2. What a fantastic looking cake! I'm a rubbish baker so I am genuinely impressed by this, well done!! Looks yummy! :-)

  3. Thanks, Lucie. First attempt with Royal icing :D Let's hope it tastes as good as it looks. I will report :D


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