Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Day 20 & 21 - Now Starting To Worry

Yesterday evening hubby and I cracked on and got all of the boys' Christmas presents wrapped - hurrah!  I think I was in the mood, as I'd quickly done all of my dad's and said, lets do the boys so its out of the way.  And yes, I can relax now.

Yesterday I shovelled the snow (we had another good inch) off the driveway - well cleared where hubby wanted to park his car - plus the path to our house.  I used my table salt and the salt from the water system to keep it clean.  The salt from the system is big lumps/pellets, so was out smashing them with a mallet.  Nice.

Today we walked in the snow to drop off presents, and collect some.  A friend and I do each other's kids, and she's house bound as her little girl has chicken pox.  I bribed the boys with the walk, saying we'd go to Mc Donalds.  We walked home and I put on Santa Claus The Movie to get us all Christmassy.  Kieran fell asleep, (that walk really zonked him out) but Ben loved watching it.

In my mood to stay organised, tonight, while the boys were eating their tea, I started looking up the recipes of bits and pieces I want to make.  Lord knows if it will all get eaten but these are the things I need to do.

1) Mince pies (Nigella Christmas) - probably tomorrow - so we can just start eating them!  Thought this would be fun with the boys, yet I feel my stress levels already rising at just the thought.  If only they sold patience in pills?
2) Rocky Road (Nigella Christmas) - probably Thursday as I've got some ingredients being delivered Wednesday by Mr. Tesco's - if he doesn't cancel on me.
3) Yule log - Thursday too... as I have small swiss roll, just need to make some chocolate butter icing.  But want it to be as fresh as possible, but Christmas Eve I have to go to work.   This cake is for the boys to enjoy!
4) Cup cakes - probably tomorrow as they can be eaten as and when.  I just got some nice edible Christmas decorations and thought they'd go well on the cakes.  Boys can eat these too.
5) Trifle - ready for Boxing Day, so will have to make Christmas Eve.  I cheat and use the box one, (I'd love one day to make the fresh one as in Nigella's book) and make individual trifles. Might actually make four in the desert dishes I've got.  Usually use my knickerbocker glasses and make six.
6) Champagne jelly - just seen it in Sainsbury's Magazine and it looks lush! But wondering whether to make my usual orange jelly with mandarin segments, too, because that's my father-in-law's favourite. I am gutted though - seen shot glasses in TK Maxx loads and thought I'd never use them, but this suggests serving in shot glasses! Ho hum!

I made my brandy butter yesterday morning, so that's in the fridge ready and waiting Christmas Day for my Christmas pudding.  Have struck it off my to do list.

Tonight I have to hide in my study as hubby is likely to want to wrap all of my Christmas presents... so writing for me tonight.

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