Friday, 17 December 2010

Day 17 - Jelly Bean Boots

It SNOWED! Oh, yes, not the smidgen of a layer we got a couple of weeks ago.  Oh, no, a good inch is out there now, actually maybe two!  And we have more to come (though I will believe that when I see it!).

I have nowhere to go in my car, so I'm quite happy to say bring it on! I can walk to work and the snow lights up the road with the street lamps, so it won't feel dark tomorrow morning. (It didn't feel dark walking home tonight.)  My dad said that the beach was surreal, covered in snow. I'd love to go down there, but the buses aren't running, and I'm not risking my car.  The back roads are like ice rinks.

The only thing is the panic buying - we're (the shop I work at) out of bread! Admittedly, if deliveries don't get through, then there could be a shortage of bread now... (as everyone has bought it) but I bet if they all actually checked in their cupboards, they could survive a couple of days.  It'll be gone by Monday (probably) and our shop is open EVERY DAY!  They will not shut - believe me!

This morning, Ben went to school and Kieran had his preschool Christmas party.  The school said that the kids could be collected at 1.30pm, though the school would remain open for those children that couldn't be collected.  Not sure if they did this because it was the last day of term before Christmas anyway, but I collected him then.

I was busy with Kieran's preschool's party, so haven't really got anything else done.  Kieran was in a bit of a mood while at the party.  He goes all funny when I'm there.  Luckily, he snapped out of it to join in some of the party fun .

My brand new jelly bean wellies got their first outing today. So glad I bought them now.  And I was worried they were a bit wacky, but I've seen loads of people come into the shop with funky wellyboots!

This weekend we should finally get our Christmas tree up and the rest of the decorations done.  Unfortunately I do have work this weekend, so it's going to be tough for time (might not get much writing done this weekend).  Plus the kids were supposed to be going to their Great Aunt's so hubby and I could wrap their presents, I mean, help Santa.  But with the snow that might not happen.

Watch this space.


  1. love those wellies x

  2. They're from Clarkes! I love Clarkes!

  3. Great wellies! :D

    People are such headless chickens when it comes to the panic buying.

  4. I nearly didn't buy them. So glad I did with the snow we've had today :D

    Yeah, not sure I get the panic buying... they've probably got LOADS in their fridges/freezers ready for Christmas anyway lol. And all the 'locals' can walk to our shop.


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