Thursday, 23 December 2010

Day 22 - Bake Me A Cake

(Sorry this is a bit late - last night I was so engrossed in writing a chapter - over 2,000 words written -  I didn't realise the time!)

Before baking!
Yesterday I was very busy indeed.  I made 24 mince pies (not sure where Nigella got 36 from, unless my pastry is a bit thick and my stars are bigger), 12 cupcakes and iced a Yule log.

I had all good intentions of making the mince pies with the kids, but I'm not the best with my patience and I've been considerably worse lately - and it's not even PMT time!  Nigella said to split the pastry, so I did one batch without the kids (as they'd sloped off), cling filming the other and sticking it in the fridge.  Then, once ready to roll the next lot of pastry I called the boys.

Luckily, Ben had decided to be engrossed in whatever he was doing and only Kieran came.  Yet, that was still stressful because he just wanted to dump the cutter in the middle of the pastry.  He did let me position it, then he cut - eventually.  But he soon got bored and went off to play.  (I'm such a terrible mummy).

Afterwards! 24 made in total, though a few had to be tested!
My dad - the Godsend - turned up at twelve thirty to take them out.  I hadn't even given them lunch.  So after a quick lunch, they wrapped up warm and headed out with Grandad for the bus into town.  They apparently walked the seafront to see the beach covered in snow and caught a double decker home!

I was able to bake and ice the cakes, and start on the Yule log before the return of the monsters.

I only had half a box of royal icing left, thanks to Mr Tesco's not allowing me to order any more.  I couldn't find it on their website for love nor money, and kept forgetting to buy some when out.  Anyway, I had some left over fondant icing from Ben's cake so after some manipulation, it got back to it's pliable form, adding a bit of colour, and I was able to roll it out and cut it.  Did the same to decorate the Yule Log.  
Ran out of royal icing, so coloured some fondant icing
Yule Log for the boys!

Gosh, looking at this blog, you'd think I was a baker, not a writer.  I enjoy baking, when I have the time and can get on with it (on my own).  I'm not very good at trying to bake with the boys sometimes.  For some reason then, my kitchen feels very small.  It's alright if I only have the one, but when two of them crowd over me, I don't have room to swing a cat.  And then they want to lick everything, even if I've not finished with it yet, including the knife I've cut the butter with! 

But this time of year, I'm particularly in the mood to cook.

Baking does get me away from my PC, which is sometimes a good thing.  I do suffer with RSI, and I'm feeling it this morning, having sat at my PC all night last night, bashing away a chapter.  But it was getting exciting!

So far I have failed with any more reading.  But I have made my target of forty books this year!

I now have so much food made that I'm not going to make my Rocky Road yet.  Decided we have loads of stuff here to eat - and depending on the weather no one may turn up to eat it!  If my mum does come to me Tuesday, rather than us go to them, then Monday I might make it.  Otherwise I'll make some for New Years or something.  I am thinking I'll send Dad home on Christmas day with some home made mince pies.  In fact, I might go and see if I can dig out a box...


  1. Stop beating yourself up Teresa. You do so much, your blog is evidence of that and your kids hardly sound neglected or unstimulated. Well done for 2000 plus words last night. Do a list from your blog of what you have achieved over the last month - I bet it is more than most people! MX

  2. Thanks, Morton. I'm just not one of these mums that can bake cakes and let their kids get messy with it. I just can't stand rework or clearing up mess unnecessarily - unless we're out in the garden! Anything for easier life. Yes, nearly finished my story... then I get to edit it.


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