Friday, 24 December 2010

Day 24 - Only One More Sleep

Today I've made the trifles (I put them in single sundae dishes rather than one big bowl), more jellies (orange with mandarin pieces, and did those in seperate dishes too), and boiled the gammon.

I had to go and do my three hour shift at work this afternoon.  I wore my jeans, Jelly Bean wellies, and a red blouse, plus fairy wings and doddle boppers (as my halo was broken) - oh and a bit of tinsel.  I actually enjoyed work today.  Lots of Christmas cheer and well wishes, though I missed the carol singing at the church this year.  They cut it short as it was so cold and icy outside, and sounds like there weren't as many as usual attending, but hubby did take the boys.

Before bed, the boys set out the carrots for the reindeer, mince pies (mummy's home made ones) and a glass of sherry.  They each took their stockings up and put it in their room.  So cute.  I can't wait to see their faces in the morning. 

Tonight, hubby and I are planning to watch a film if we get time (Avatar as that's what we've got with our film club).  That's why this blog is going to be quick!  Then, when the kids are defniitely asleep, we'll be dragging the toys out of the loft, filling the stockings, a couple of last things to wrap, then BED!

Because, we are no doubt going to be woken at the crack of dawn tomorrow.  Hopefully they'll sleep till seven, but if it's six, and they see their stockings full, they aren't going to go back to bed, however much we try and tell them too.

I just pray it's not five o'clock!

We have my dad coming over for Christmas Day (as I can't bear the thought of him being on his own - and he really is easy to entertain), but otherwise it's just the four of us.  Boxing Day will be busy with Hubby's family - they're coming for the whole day this year, and it will be nice, even though I bet it flies by.  I'm looking forward to playing some games, and maybe even a game of cards. 

Merry Christmas everyone and a happy New Year to you all!

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