Saturday, 4 December 2010

Day 4 - My Son's Nativity - Six Years On

I looked up 'nativity' in the dictionary: 1) (the Nativity) the birth of Jesus. 2) (formal) a person's birth. 

It was my son's 6th birthday today!  In the morning, as anticipated, we were woken early, and unwrapping presents by 7.30am (we did encourage him to 'play' in his bedroom for half an hour).  Family came over, and more opening of presents was required - obviously my son did not complain.  We had a spot of lunch (pizzas and nibbles) and a bit of playing with the new toys, then we headed out for Ben's party at three o'clock.  We were going bowling. 

Ten children in all - two lanes, split it teams of five.  It was fun, but a bit stressful looking after other people's kids - especially when you think how heavy those balls are!  (I was so worried about squashed fingers, or toes).  Some are a bit more demanding than others.  I really did need to keep my cool (I'm not known to be the most patient person to walk the earth) - but it is easier with other people's kids, and remembering to just go with the flow.

Sometimes that's what stresses me out.  I worry - about everything!  Best to sometimes sit back and just let it go the way it's supposed to.  Take my time.

End result!
Ben loved his cake!  He particularly liked Darth Vader holding a candle as a lightsaber.  (Although I got him out of the packet to find him broken - luckily I was able to make do!).  I will have to share 'this' photo another time.   

Just out of the oven! Chocolate - yum!
The cupcakes also went down a storm.  I promised you pictures, so here they are.  Later, once I've managed to download some of the party pics from the camera, I'll share a picture of the birthday.  Today, you'll have to make do with pictures of the cake - which I am rather proud of.  This is what I have been working on Thursday and Friday, leading up to today.  I've kept it simple, deciding less is more.  I could have put extras on it and totally ruined it.  Everything went without a hitch, so I didn't want to push my luck.  But just getting this cake out of the oven, icing it, and putting the cake topper on.  When it was done, I just felt so good that I'd achieved this.  I know I could have bought a fancier cake in a supermarket, or made by a 'cake lady', but there was just something about this and making it myself that made me feel happier.  And I think Ben appreciated it just as much that I'd put the effort in for him.

Star Wars Cakes!

I made cup cakes following a Nigella recipe, and oh my they do taste yum without even icing on.  I put one of these into the goodie bags at the end of the party - I thought it would be easier than cutting the cake.  Which means, I haven't cut the cake yet - I still don't know what it tastes like.  (Must change that very soon).

To quote a friend quoting Yoda; 'Delicious it looks.'
Both Ben and Kieran had to have one with Yoda on.  And you're wondering about my comments in the last paragraph aren't you.  Well, how I know why the cup cakes taste so good... because I did have a bit of a cake-malfunction.  I used a recipe out of Nigella Christmas, and doubled it - as I wanted 24.  I trayed them up in to cake cases, then read Nigella's instruction about putting cases in a muffin tin.  I thought, surely not - they're fairy cakes - I even checked another recipe and they too used the same ingredient quantities. 

I stuck one tray of 12 in the oven and they were spilling out over the case practically.  There would be no room for royal icing as the picture showed in the book.  So there I was, scraping the contents out of the cake cases, and putting them into my muffin cases in my muffin tin.  The result is above.  12 perfect cup cakes.  I only needed 12 really - so the other 12 have been gobbled up leading up to today and I didn't bother icing them because they tasted so yum!

Well, that's it.  Another birthday down and I feel absolutely shattered.  Not quite sure how much writing I'll get done tonight.  Next week I can think about marzipanning my Christmas cake.  Hoping it stays mild tonight and tomorrow, so we can make a trip to my mum's.  No, the present opening hasn't finished yet.

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