Monday, 6 December 2010

Day 5 - Late Blog - Still Birthday Celebrations

This is for yesterday: Day 5 of Blogging Up To Christmas.

We did manage to arrive at my Mum's save and sound, and equally return that way.  The morning was interesting.  With the rain we'd had Saturday, the sliding doors on our lovely Mazda 5 had frozen shut.  We had to put the boys from the front, climbing through the gap.

Luckily, my eldest can do up his belt, but my youngest still needs buckling in.  We got to mum's and the doors opened fine.  We totally forgot that night though - and yes, you've guessed it, they were frozen again.

The day was all good fun, and I believe made Katie's day.  She starts her next lot of intensive Leukaemia treatment today (Monday) and that can make her feel pretty poorly.  Katie had made piñata's for each of the boys, and they had great fun smashing the hell out of them.  Slightly worrying actually, Kieran has rather a good swing on him, and really did hit his piñata hard! We all had to stand back and it was a good job we had decided to hang them from Mum's washing line in the garden.

Before The Whacking Begins!
Ben opened more presents, we all played a couple of games of Frustration, that turned more like into Tension!  Katie, Darren and Sarah becoming rather competitive I might add!

As usual, Mum served up a yummy dinner, Ben and Katie (and even Kieran) got to blow out some candles on a Smartie cake.  And then, it was sadly time to come home, nicely stuffed and exhausted.

Now we have the birthday's out of the way, I can start concentrating on Christmas... this week I want to marzipan the Christmas cake.

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